Information for Real Estate Buyers

Purchasing a home is a big investment. Searching for real estate can be very time consuming and very complex. Most people will consult an accountant regarding taxes, a lawyer regarding legal issues, a doctor regarding their medical issues. Real estate professionals have the knowledge in the real estate industry just as a doctor is a professional who has knowledge of the medical industry. Why would you go it alone in any of the above situations?

Looking at Properties

Once your Realtor has gathered information regarding what features are important to you in a property, your Realtor will begin sending you detailed information on each property that matches your criteria. Scheduling multiple showings can be time consuming and frustrating to a buyer. Your Realtor will handle it all. when you notify your Realtor of a property that is appealing to you, your Realtor will schedule a time to take you to the property or, if you would prefer to schedule an entire day to view properties, your Realtor will coordinate with the agents of all your prospective properties to arrange the appropriate times.

Making an Offer

When you find the property you are searching for, your Realtor will assist you in making an offer on the property by doing a complete Comparative Market Analysis (a professional opinion of value based upon a very specific technique in which Realtors gather information of like properties that have sold and make professional adjustments according the features of the comparable). Your Realtor will provide with you guidance while he/she takes you through the process of completing an offer in writing. Your Realtor will then ensure that your offer is presented to the seller immediately and that you receive a response to your offer in a timely manner.

The Purchase

So…You now have a contract on the property of your dreams and you have probably retained a lawyer to represent you in the transaction. This is the point where we feel many clients are abandoned by their real estate agents. Some Realtors believe that assisting ¬†clients through the entire purchase is of upmost importance in maintaining their reputation and integrity. Accordingly, these Realtors take pride in assisting their buyers through the process by communicating with attorneys, home inspectors, surveyors, banks, financing companies, and other necessary contacts to ensure that the closing goes as smoothly as possible for their clients.

After the Sale

Good Realtors believe that the most important feedback they can received regarding their service is from their clients. Accordingly, they like to communicate with their clients subsequent to their purchases to ensure that they are satisfied with the service they received and to welcome any suggestions their clients may have regarding their experience.