Information for Real Estate Sellers

The First Step

The first, and most important step in selling your home is choosing your Realtor. They should be knowledgeable of the area and have developed relationships over their many years in service with all other real estate companies in the area.

Maximum Exposure

These relationships, as well as website and internet marketing, large database of prospective buyers, and exposure on the Statewide Multiple Listing Service, ensure that your property receives maximum exposure and that all agents in the area are familiar with your property when working with prospective buyers.

Extensive Marketing

Although a presence in the local newspapers and advertising in other publications such as Downeast Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal are important to the sale of your property, a focus on Internet marketing allows Realtors to reach a much larger group of prospective buyers for your property. All of their listings should be posted on many different search engine sites. If someone is considering purchasing property in Maine, you, as a Seller, want to be listed with a great local Realtor.

What Is My Property Worth?

Setting the price for your property can be difficult. Agents competing for your business will often provide you with unreasonable expectations regarding pricing. Every day you see properties that have been on the market for long periods of tie. Why? Most of the time the reason is clear: the property is listed for a price that is farm more than what it is worth. Find an honest Realtor who provide all customers/clients with professional market analysis in order to appropriately price your property. The asking price is always the seller’s decision, and you should find a Realtor who works very closely with their clients in order to determine the price of your property by providing you with options dependent upon how quickly you wish to sell your property.

The Listing Process

After the paperwork for a listing is complete, Realtors advise clients on how to maximize the appeal of their property so that it will attract potential buyers. Realtors don’t just want to list your property, they want to sell it! Realtors will then put together an information package on your property that will be posted on their website, various search engines, and will be provided to prospective buyers and other local agencies. The property is then listed in the Statewide Multiple Listing Service for maximum exposure and should be exhibited in the Realtor’s “catalog” of current offerings, a tasteful color brochure that gets distributed to prospective buyers.

Offers On My Property

Once an offer is made on your property, your Realtor will immediately present you with the offer. With your permission, the Realtor will then advise any other prospective buyers, or agents who may have prospective buyers, that there has been an offer made on the property. This is an important way for  Realtors to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible offers from prospective buyers and, quite often, allows clients to be in a situation where they can negotiate to receive the best possible price for their property.

The Sale

So…Your property is now under contract and you have probably retained a lawyer to represent you in the transaction. This is the point where we feel many clients are left abandoned by their real estate agents. Good Realtors believe that assisting clients through the entire selling process is of utmost importance in maintaining their reputation and integrity. Accordingly, Realtors take pride in assisting sellers through the closing process by communicating with attorneys, home inspectors, surveyors, banks, financing companies, and other necessary contacts to ensure that the closing goes as smoothly as possible for clients.